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The aim of “Bachelor of Civil Engineering” at CUST is to educate and train students who continually seek professional, spiritual, and moral excellence and exhibit leadership in their professional, cultural, and civic communities and thereby contribute sustainable and economic solutions to global challenges in the fields of civil and construction engineering.

Programme Objective

The programme objectives are to produce graduates with:

1. Depth in fundamental knowledge of core civil engineering disciplines.

2. Breadth in integrative skills to apply the knowledge gained.

3. Appreciation of interactions between engineering, business, industry and technology in modern society.

4. Understanding of their role as civil engineers in the development of society at the national, regional and global context.

5. Drive for life-long learning and continuous self development.

Learning Outcomes

The expected learning outcomes of the students are as follows:

1. Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to solve engineering problems.

2. Design and conduct experiments, analyze, interpret data and draw valid conclusions.

3. Design a system, component, or process, and synthesize solutions to achieve desired needs.

4. Use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice with appropriate considerations for public health and safety, cultural, societal, and environmental constraints.

5. Understand the impact of engineering solutions in a societal context and to be able to respond effectively to the needs for sustainable development for the betterment of humanity.

6. Understand professional, ethical and moral responsibility in the workplace.

Potential Employment Market

The graduates of Civil Engineering stream at CUST would have the following employment opportunities:

1. R.C.C. design, construction and soil testing firms

2. Water Treatment Plants

3. Steel Structure Design Firms

4. Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) and other Government Agencies

5. Housing & Building Development Companies

6. Industrial Waste Management Firms

7. Urban & City Planning Firms

8. Railway, Roads & Highway and Public Works Department

Information for Employer

The “Bachelor of Civil Engineering” programme at CUST has a well articulated and challenging curriculum that gives students the knowledge, skills, and tools they need for a civil engineering career or advanced study in civil engineering. Here the academic environment is designed to teach both within and outside of classroom that supports individual and group success through constant improvement. Our faculty members focus on learning, research and service, which are, otherwise our core competencies. At CUST group success is ensured through individual dedication where critical thinking, innovation, individual responsibility, teamwork, and leadership are always valued. The admiring faculty members of CUST are competent enough to provide students with a coordinated understanding, comprehensive knowledge and expertise in all important disciplines of Civil Engineering. The very uniqueness of “Bachelor of Civil Engineering” programme at CUST is its long industrial attachment for as high as 09 credits (equivalent to 3 courses) where students come to know the relevance of “what we teach” and “what is being practiced in the field”. Such attachment thus serves as an important feedback mechanism for CUST to know the existing gap and to bring out desirable changes in its course contents, if needed. Importantly, during the industrial attachment, for 06 credits, the competent resource personnel of the concerned industry would serve as guest faculties of CUST and the assessment for those credits will essentially be done by them. Besides, as an employer you will have the opportunity to know the potential of a student before they are actually employed in your firm. It may be mentioned here that at CUST all lecturers and staff are passionate about the future of their respective industries and the students whose minds they shape and groom. Here efforts are always on to maintain the integrity of our courses and graduates by continuously shaping and updating the syllabus around industry needs and trends.



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