B Sc. in Energy Engineering and Science

Bachelor in Energy Engineering


The “Bachelor of Energy Engineering” at CUST is aimed at producing graduates with the core knowledge and skills of an energy engineer, together with the fundamental skill-sets of a mechanical engineer and essentially encompasses both renewable and non-renewable energy production and their effects on environment with special emphasis on energy infrastructure, energy system development and alternative energy sources.

Programme Objectives

The objectives of this programme are as follows:

1. Preparing students to be employed in the areas of energy science, energy engineering or energy business management in both private and public sectors.

2. Enabling students to contribute to development of solutions to society's current energy needs by integrating key science and engineering principles while being adaptable to changing organizational and societal needs.

3. Making them competent to engage in individual projects and multi-disciplinary teams designing, evaluating, and recommending methods and strategies for the efficient production, processing and utilization of renewable or non-renewable energy to address environmental challenges.

4. Preparing students to effectively communicate with management, teammates, customers, clients and others in diverse environments.

5. Developing a habit of engaging in life-long learning process to maintain professional competency.

Learning Outcomes

The major learning outcomes of this programme are to enable the graduates to:

1. To design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data in the field of energy engineering.

2. To design a system, component, or process to meet desired energy needs of any individual, organization or the society.

3. To function independently or in multi-disciplinary teams with an ability to communicate effectively.

4. To identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems upholding ethical responsibility

5. To appreciate the impact of engineering solutions in a global and societal context especially in furthering the cause of humanity.

6. To make best use of the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice especially in the field of energy.

Potential Employment Market

The graduates of “Bachelor of Energy Engineering” of CUST have the following potential markets for employment:

1. Serving as process, design, and sales engineers for both conventional oil and gas companies as well as those in the emerging alternative energy sector.

2. Development of energy systems and technologies.

3. Energy analysis and auditing.

4. Energy systems installation and commissioning.

5. Energy consultancy and project management.

6. Environmental engineering.

7. Formulation of future energy policies.

Information to the Employer

“Bachelor of Energy Engineering” at CUST is a programme where students are given a solid foundation in the basic mathematics and physics disciplines, advanced knowledge in several branches of industrial engineering, and, specific updated skills in energy generation and consumption technologies. They are exposed to economic management of firms and markets in energy sector. Thus they understand engineering fundamentals and apply that knowledge to solving problems in the production, processing, storage, distribution, and utilization of energy. Importantly, our students learn about legislation related to energy production and use. Overall, the students are prepared to be innovating leaders in advancing the technology and management of energy, and to serve as practicing engineers and entrepreneurs in the energy sector. The very uniqueness of this programme at CUST is its long industrial attachment for as high as 09 credits where students come to know the relevance of “what we teach” and “what is being practiced in the field”. Such attachment thus serves as an important feedback mechanism for CUST to bring out desirable changes in its course contents, if needed, in the years to come. Importantly, during the industrial attachment, for 06 credits, the competent resource personnel of the concerned industry would serve as guest faculties of CUST and the assessment for that will essentially be done by them. Besides, as an employer you will have the opportunity to know the potential of a student before they are actually employed in your firm after their graduation. It may be mentioned here that at CUST all lecturers and staff are passionate about the future of their respective industries and the students whose minds they shape and groom. Here efforts are always on to maintain the integrity of our courses and graduates by continuously shaping and updating the syllabus around industry needs and trends.

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