Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following frequently asked questions are common among those contemplating Central University of Science & Technology (CUST). This page provides answers to these questions and provides links to useful CUST websites that provide additional answers.

What all programmes does CUST offer at the moment?

Please visit at for Bachelor & for Master Programmes. Note that these programmes are all proposed programme to come into operation in phases. CUST would offer the programme finally once it gets a ‘go ahead’ from UGC.

What all programmes are under consideration?

Please visit at for Bachelor & for Master Programmes, which would come gradually with approval from UGC.

Is there any programme offered by CUST which is new in Bangladesh?

So far syllabi of 15 programmes have been submitted to the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh. Out of 15, following 4 programmes are new in Bangladesh.
1. Master of Engineering Business Management
2. Master of Climate Change & Environmental Studies
3. Bachelor of Textile and Garments Engineering Management

Is there any ‘Earn and Study’ package run by the CUST?

At present we don’t have any such kind of packages but we are planning to introduce something of that kind in the near future.

Is the campus at ‘Marool Badda’ your Permanent one?

Yes, Marool Badda is our first permanent campus since it has been established on own land. Plot No: Kha 208/1, Progoti shoroni, Marool Badda. Dhaka-1212. However, with future expansion programme the permanent campus may be relocated to some other suitable place.

Do you have any other campus?

Besides this permanent campus at Marool Badda, we have another piece of land owned by Advance Welfare Foundation (AWF) under which CUST is operated.

What is your founding day?

The 21st February, 2016, the International Mother Language Day. The very approval was granted by honourable Prime Minister on this very special day.

What are the sources of fund for running CUST?

CUST is run out of following major sources of fund:
1. Tuition Fees
2. Research Grant
3. Philanthropic Donations
4. Other sources as approved by UGC.

Do you have any journal of your own?

Yes. Right at this moment, CUST owns two journals having ISSN Numbers. Journal of Contemporary Asian Studies (JCAS) & Journal of Asian Science, Technology and Innovation (JASTI). For more details, please visit at &

Can the students publish their research work in CUST Journals?

CUST has two journals as already said named JCAS and JASTI. Thus quality manuscripts from the students with the supervision of CUST researchers may get stand in CUST Journal.

Is it a Non- Smoking Campus at CUST?

Certainly, smoking is considered extremely harmful and is strongly prohibited at CUST campus. This is applicable for all staffs including VC, CUST.

Are there campus tours for visitors?

Yes, we have this arrangement to allow the visitors to go round different sections of the campus. However, a prior intimation is appreciated since CUST does not like to disturb the normal class hours.

Does CUST offer free courses for the underprivileged students?

Yes. Please visit at for more details. We also follow the rules imposed by the UGC regarding free courses to the underprivileged students &the children of freedom fighters.

Do you have any CSR programme?

CSR is the most important part of our university. We have many CSR programmes, intended to develop our society, such as:
1. Creating awareness for clean & green environment
2. Plantation Programme
3. Literacy drives for the underprivileged children.
4. Community cleanliness drive and etc.

Do you employ the graduate of CUST?

Yes, we would give first preference to employ our competent and suitable graduates for any venture of Advance Welfare Foundation including the CUST.

How do you secure the employment of CUST graduates?

We aim to be the leading industry-driven university in the country. So, we have different level of industrial linkages by which we can provide job opportunities to CUST graduates. Accordingly, we have a Student Employment office, which would facilitate the process of your employment.

How the students would benefit from Industrial Linkage of CUST?

The Workplace Learning Centre of CUST offers students an opportunity to undertake an accredited work placement in the sector of their choice. We work with students to find placements that reflect their personal and professional requirements. Students can work in a range of organizations including local schools and charities, small enterprises and international brands etc that would fine-tune their theoretical understanding with practical field.

Will Industrial linkage secure the job for the students?

As we have partnership with different industries, so, the students can get opportunities to show their competencies to the potential employers, the entrepreneurs. If any particular corporation or company chooses anyone from CUST graduates, he or she would get placement.

Do you have some collaboration with foreign universities?

Yes, we have a number of meaningful collaborations in progress with different levels of foreign Universities and Institutes. These are primarily meant for staff development and student exchange programme. However, any step in this regard would be taken in line with the concerned UGC policy.

Do you take payment in Master Card/Visa Card etc?

Yes, we have this provision and facilities to pay using Card. The system would be in place as the admission process starts.

Do you have some arrangement for intern-ship?

Yes, we would arrange internship for the students but in this case particular rules would be applicable like the programme a student is pursuing, result he has made so far and his suitability of engagement with the concerned industry.