Journal of Contemporary Asian Studies


The “Journal of Contemporary Asian Studies (JCAS)” is published by the Central University of Science and Technology (CUST), Bangladesh. It enjoys full technical support including world-class publication service management and guidance from Science Alert, USA. As the name suggests, this journal covers scholarly research works among others in the field of political, economic, security and social affairs of Asia and Asian Interest. With a view to publishing original research works of high standard, JCAS maintains a very expert ‘Reviewer Panel’ who shows zero tolerance on plagiarism. The CUST also attempts its best to guarantee the variety in every research paper being published in JCAS. This multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal is brought out quarterly and is dedicated to publishing quality academic papers and policy discussions on common challenges being faced by Asia with the ultimate goal of serving the economy and humanity.


The aim of the “Journal ofContemporary Asian Studies (JCAS)” is to offer a forum for scholars and professionals primarily in the field of Asian affairs to exchange views and ideas and publish their research works that advances the cause of the world's most populous continent of Asia. JCAS would thus publish legitimate original works of great importance across a variety of disciplines under the broad spectrum of Diplomacy, Economics, Political, Social and other developmental issues.


The major objectives of JACS are as follows:

Promote Asia-focused research in economics, political, and other areas of social science by publishing extraordinary works of promising budding scholars alongside the works of established scholars.

b.Provide a platform that would encourage and generate intellectual discourse on contemporary diplomatic, political, economic, social and cultural issues on Asia.

c.Strive for creating an atmosphere of knowledge sharing on the issues concerning Asia and Asian interest.

d.Generate effective scholarly debate on various contemporary issues of social studies in Asia.

e. Develop a culture of research and development among the students and faculties of CUST with a view to sharpening their scholarly aptitude in social research.

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