M Sc. in Telecommunication Engineering



The aim of the “Master of Telecommunication Engineering” programme at CUST is to develop enterprising professionals who have an innovative disposition, the confidence and abilities to assume leadership roles in the field of Telecommunication Engineering in Bangladesh and beyond. The programme is designed to give the knowledge and skills essential for the graduate engineers to become immediately employable in the local and global competitive environment.

Programme Objectives

The Master of Telecommunication Engineering at CUST has the following objectives:

  1. To provide in-depth knowledge of electronics, modern computer technologies, software and information systems.
  2. To develop capacity required for planning and operations of Telecommunication infrastructure.
  3. To develop the skills required for the design, fabrication and measurement of telecommunication circuit and systems.
  4. To develop the concepts of professional practices, innovation and enterprise.
  5. To provide a sound base from which to embark on lifelong learning and post graduate studies and research.
Learning Outcomes

The graduates of this programme are expected to:

  1. Possess a broad body of knowledge to undertake professional work in the field of telecommunications.
  2. Be able to analyze telecommunication technologies and apply them effectively in anyorganization they serve.
  3. Be capable of working independently and in collaboration with others to demonstrate their skills and expertise in different contexts.
  4. Be able to communicate clearly, effectively and meaningfully in any professional setting.
Potential Employment Market

The graduates of “Master of Telecommunication Engineering” programme would find the following employment opportunities:

  1. Network designers.
  2. Local area/wide area network specialists.
  3. Systems Security Administrators.
  4. Telecommunications Analysts.
  5. Telecommunications Analysts.
Information for Employer

The “Master of Telecommunication Engineering” programme at CUST has a well structured and all-encompassing curriculum that gives students a strong foundation in mass and interactive communication systems covering among others subjects like telecommunication network management, fundamentals of mechanics, computer systems and networks, satellite transmission, analog and digital communication. The program is aimed at equipping individuals with knowledge about various communication technologies and mediums, preparing them for a career in the telecommunications industry. Here the academic environment is designed to teach both within and outside of classroom that supports individual and group success through constant improvement. Our faculty members focus on learning, research and service, which are, otherwise, our core competencies. At CUST, group success is ensured through individual dedication where critical thinking, innovation, individual responsibility, teamwork, and leadership are always valued. The admiring faculty members of CUST are competent enough to provide students with a coordinated understanding, comprehensive knowledge and expertise in all important disciplines of Telecommunication Engineering. The very uniqueness of “Master of Telecommunication Engineering” programme at CUST is its long industrial attachment for as high as 09 credits (equivalent to 3 courses) where students come to know the relevance of “what we teach” and “what is being practiced in the field”. Such attachment thus serves as an important feedback mechanism for CUST to know the existing gap and to bring out desirable changes in its course contents, if needed. Importantly, during the industrial attachment, for 09 credits, the competent resource personnel of the concerned industry would serve as guest faculties of CUST and the assessment for those credits will essentially be done by them. Besides, as an employer you will have the opportunity to know the potential of a student before they are actually employed in your firm. It may be mentioned here that at CUST all lecturers and staff are passionate about the future of their respective industries and the students whose minds they shape and groom. Here efforts are always on to maintain the integrity of our courses and graduates by continuously shaping and updating the syllabus around industry needs and trends.

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