Prospective Students

The following frequently asked questions are common among those contemplating Central University of Science & Technology (CUST). This page provides answers to these questions and provides links to useful CUST websites that provide additional answers.

Do you take any admission test?

Yes, Individual students must have to pass the entry test in order to get admission. However, for meritorious cases, the written test may be exempted.

What is the minimum CGPA you ask for admission?
Is there any minimum or maximum age limit for admission?

No, there is no such age limit. However, we would follow any limitation as imposed by UGC.

How much will be the tuition cost?
Is the online registration mandatory for the students?

Yes, please visit at for registration.

What is the date of Entrance Examination for my programme?

As a thumb rule, the admission would be taken twice in a year. We will notify the students through our website

Can you please tell me the syllabus and pattern for the Entrance Exam?

A sample question for entrance exam is available in our website.

I have sent online application Form. Do I need to send Hard Copy of the form again?

Online application form is good enough for your admission test. No hard copy is required. However, you must get some confirmatory mail from CUST in this regard.

How do I know that my application has reached to you?

When you successfully submit your application form, you will get an admit card for test. Our administration office will contact you and let you know by email or phone.

What is your maximum student limit in the class room?

It ranges from 15 to 40 (max)

What all schools/faculty do you have now?

Please visit at for Bachelor & for Master Programme. However, these schools are still in the proposed state. We would function after getting UGC approval.

Do you have tuition fee waiver based on Semester merit?
I love cricket, do you have some facilities in this regard?

At present we don’t have any cricket playground but you can enjoy important cricket matches by our large screen display/TV

What all extra-curricular activities do you organize for the students?

Indoor games, sightseeing and idea/business fest are some activities we would organize on a regular basis.

Do you have provision for bringing visiting professors from abroad?

It is one of our important agenda to bring visiting professors from abroad and we have well coordinated continuous effort in this regards.

How can I get a prospectus by post or e-mail?

You have to order the hardcopy prospectus from our business center at CUST. It will cost you some money but you can get the soft copy free of any charges.

How can I have a look to the profiles of faculty members?
Do you have a dedicated computer center for using internet?

Yes, students can do research in the computer center from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm irrespective of weekends/holidays.

What all industries are inked or partner to CUST?

List would be available in our website.

Do you have any PhD Programmes?

Not at this moment. Pvt universities can’t offer such programme as per existing policy. However, the moment we are permitted by UGC we would offer PhD programme without any further delay.