We are very happy to inform you that Civil Work of CUST Permanent Campus is going on. Very soon we will be shifting to that campus at Mirpur-15, Dhaka-1216. 3D architectural model of CUST campus can be seen by clicking the video at your right corner. Ecofriendly CUST Campus will be unique amongst higher education experiences in Bangladesh.Multistoried building consists of all modern facilities to serve the students for quality education. The green campus will not impose barrier to the eyes of students; as nature is the best teacher believing this philosophy. Ease access of sunlight will reduce the pressure of artificial rays in the classrooms.The campus will be digitally secured. The utmost important thing is that there will be sufficient space for equipping machineries and devices for industrial training and learning within the campus. Individual department will be the reflection of corporate offices. So, CUST, would be the country’s First True Industry – Driven University.