The Finance Committee is a Principal Committee of the University, responsible for all matters relating to the financial affairs of the University encompassing the areas of strategic financial planning, resource management, financial monitoring and policy related issues and to provide timely advice to Syndicate & BoT.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Finance Committee

  • Formulation of Annual Budget and get approval by BoT through Syndicate and thereafter monitor performance against these budgets.
  • Review and approve the University’s systems and procedures for accounting and exercising financial control, taking account of the report of the Audit and Risk Committee.
  • Advise the Syndicate and BoTas the University’s Designated Board on the financial status of the University.
  • Approve and recommend to the Council long-term financial projections.

Formulate responses to relevant Audit and Risk Committee reports that have been submitted to the Council for review and approval by the Council, and monitor implementation of approved actions.

Members of the Finance Committee