1. CUST seeks to provide education of the highest quality so that all students are prepared to achieve their potential as professional persons and as thoughtful, well-informed individuals.
  2. CUST does not impart education to its students for doing good in the workplace only but it endeavors to turn every student a lifelong learner, who would continue to remain up to date and competitive in his field.
  3. CUST aspires to instill in every student the capability of clear reasoning and critical thinking so that everyone can identify and evaluate problems with their analytical skills and bring out a number of workable solutions to that and finally can recommend the best solution.
  4. CUST education system, classroom environment and extra-curricular programs will enable every student to communicate verbally and in writing in a clear and correct manner ensuring the brevity. A CUST graduate is expected to emerge as an intelligent communicator who can reach out to his co-workers, potential employers and community members
  5. CUST aims to implant in students its core values of Respect, Dream Meritocracy, Mutual Benefit, Creativity Academic Freedom, Professionalism and Accountability in the 21st century.
  6. CUST graduates are expected to work effectively in diverse groups and teams. At CUST, a student is turned to be a perfect collaborator, able to function well within a team as both a leader and a follower. Thus a graduate is expected to gain valuable experience and insight from the group members.
  7. CUST integrates the industry-driven competencies to reduce the gap between the theories and practices and hence a graduate of CUST is expected to be very competent for the life beyond the university.