The Proctor’s role is to ensure the enforcement of the rules and regulations of CUST. Students are expected to observe the general rules of discipline, honesty and show respect to rights of others. Students picked up for any mischief on CUST campus are likely to be handled by the Office of the proctor. The Proctor’s Office operates an open door policy and welcomes inquiries, questions and requests for information and advice on all matters relating to CUST rules & regulations of student ethics.

Proctor’s Office of CUST is responsible for

  • Taking necessary steps to ensure the personal safety of students, teachers, and employees of CUST.
  • Maintaining and safeguarding the assets of CUST.
  • Mitigating any disputes among students and between students and faculty or admin staff;
  • Controlling unauthorized access to CUST premises.
  • Ensuring the enactment of “CUST Code of Student Conduct.

The Proctor is the first line in the Disciplinary Process. Upon recommendation, a complaint will be lodged with the Disciplinary Committee and thereafter, may be referred to other relevant Committees, if needed.

Members of the Office of the Proctor