This Stakeholders’ Charter of CUST explicitly outlines the pledges to its different Stakeholders’ and other users of its services to meet their requirements and expectations.

The invaluable Stakeholders of CUST comprise the following:

Stakeholders’ of CUST

1. Potential Students

2. Respected Parents

3. Scholarly Staffs

4. Invaluable Collaborators

5. The Alumni

6. The community

7. The Industries

Principles of Service Delivery to Stakeholders’

CUST takes pride in adopting some principles for its service delivery to valued Stakeholders:

1. Stakeholders are always served with dignity, courtesy and respect.

2. Service should be incessant, professional, efficient and effective.

3. Service delivery must be ethical and upholding the cause of humanity.

4. Service delivery should be transparent, accountable and confidential (as needed).

5. Service delivery is always affordable.

6. Service should contribute to national development.

CUST Pledges to Potential Students

CUST holds by heart that students are the single-most important entity centering which all of its activities should be directed. In our service delivery to students, we pledge that:

1. The students admitted to the CUST receive “Congratulatory Admission” letters well before their class starts.

2. All lectures, lab classes and examinations are conducted on time, in a conducive learning environment, and as per the approved schedules.

3. Consolidated mark sheets shall be finalized and forwarded to the controller’s office within one month following end of examinations.

4. Graduation ceremonies shall be held on schedule and certificates shall be issued without unnecessary delay.

5. Students’ industrial attachment will be meaningful and has direct bearing to his knowledge & skill development.

6. Students’ ingenuity is encouraged, nurtured and academically rewarded.

7. All constructive criticisms from the students will be welcomed and will flow seamlessly both vertically and horizontally but on a need to know basis.

CUST Pledges to Respected Parents

CUST has full respect for the value system of Bangladesh and is well aware that the parents have the highest concern for proving good education and raising their children in the best possible way. Since the cost of higher education is increasing every year, CUST holds that the parents have the greater stake in its funding. As such in our service delivery to parents, we pledge that:

1. Parents have the right to raise their children at CUST without discrimination on the grounds of the skin-color, ethnic background, beliefs, gender or economic position.

2. CUST is accountable to the respected parents for every coin it receives against their children.

3. Parents have the right of access to all information at CUST which concerns their children.

4. Parents have the right to put forward suggestions and get feedback within reasonable time on the policy, which concerns their children.

5. The University – Parent Interaction would be held time to time to address important specific issues.

6. Parents’ suggestion will always be entertained particularly in the field of quality of education, safety, employability, scholarship etc.

7. Parents will have full access to top management of CUST through e-mail and every single mail will be reciprocated with a return mail.

CUST Pledges to Scholarly Staffs

CUST strongly believes that staffs constitute the key driving force for its operation that determines its success. In our service delivery to staffs, we pledge that:

1. CUST observes that the development of an academic and professional staff with strong managerial, leadership and technical abilities is a key element for achieving the CUST mission.

2. The CUST is committed to attracting and retaining staff of the highest quality, sincerity, dedication and integrity.

3. CUST aspires to engage members of staff fully in the University’s mission and academic activities, and values their whole-hearted participation everywhere needed.

4. Staffs, remaining within the norms and disciplines of CUST, are empowered to exercise initiative and responsibility in their roles, and to achieve to the highest level.

5. CUST attaches highest priority to reward and recognition systems for the staff which acknowledge excellence and innovation in teaching and learning, creative work, research, research dissemination, administrative and academic support services.

6. At CUST, the principles and practices of equity are given a high priority in all areas of staff policy and management. The University’s Equal Opportunity policies and action plans aim to increase the numbers of academic and professional staff from under-represented groups.

CUST Pledges to Invaluable Collaborators

CUST duly recognizes the invaluable contributions made by the collaborator at the national and international level. At the same, CUST treats its suppliers of all level as collaborator, who has both direct and indirect bearing on the quality of education. In our service delivery to our collaborators, we pledge that:

1. CUST holds that imparting quality education is simply impossible with extreme collaboration at the national and international level. Accordingly, it maintains a unique collaborative atmosphere with other institutions at home and abroad.

2. CUST will render the best possible support to everyone in the collaborative chain to advance the frontier of knowledge.

3. CUST will reciprocate with thanks, in due time, every contribution made by the suppliers and other collaborators.

4. CUST, for the betterment of the students, aims to explore new markets through supplier diversity and source required quality materials for a wide range of trustworthy suppliers.

CUST Pledges to Celebrity Alumni

CUST holds that the alumni are the most trustworthy ambassadors and advocates of the university. As such in our service delivery to our alumni, we pledge that:

1. CUST aspires to build lifelong relationships with Alumni in support of the University to materialize its vision and mission.

2. CUST would appreciate the involvement of Alumni to play their contributory role in governance and development of the University.

3. CUST will happily and positively accept the criticisms made by the Alumni and will offer courteous and timely responses to all enquiries

4. CUST will serve as an effective linkage between the alumni and current students in all important aspects/events of the University.

5. CUST will appreciate the invaluable suggestion of the alumni with regards to students’ recruitment, industrial attachment and career planning, both directly and indirectly.

6. CUST considers that alumni would serve as a resource and talent pool for faculty and staff for the university itself.

CUST Pledges to the Community

CUST is very much respectful for the community it belongs to and accordingly in our service delivery to the community, we pledge that:

1. CUST will maintain its campus as a plastic-free and non-smoking zone. Its campus would promote the green and friendly to the environment.

2. CUST will support welfare opportunities to the society through awareness program and outreach activities.

3. CUST will actively support the important causes of local community and other nation building efforts.

4. CUST will nurture and manage talents for the community and nation.

5. CUST will provide programs, products and services in ways that reflect the principles of equity and social justice.

CUST Pledges to the Industries

CUST dreams to emerge as the best industry-driven university in the country. As such considerable ‘Industrial Attachment’ has been made compulsory for every student at CUST. In our service delivery to the Industries, we pledge that:

1. The unique industrial attachment of our students would essentially serve as a platform to identify the gap between “What we teach” and “What is being practiced in the Field”. Thus we will be able bring about desirable changes in our course curriculum to meet the expectation of the concerned industries.

2. CUST aims to contribute to industrial and technological developments through innovations and technology transfer.

3. CUST will provide solutions and knowledge-capacity to the industries and organizations by virtue of its strong and effective linkage with industries.

4. CUST will facilitate employment of industry veterans as guest lecturers to integrate various industry-driven competencies.

5. CUST aspires to serve as an important feeder of competent employees to various fields of industries.