The Syndicate is the Executive Authority of the University. As per the Private University Act 2010 under article 17, Central University of Science & Technology (CUST) has a Syndicate. The Syndicate directs and oversees all academic and administrative activities and general management of the CUST. It evaluates the recommendations of the Academic Council, Finance Committee, Disciplinary Committee and other statutory bodies and recommends these to the Board of Trustees for approval. The Syndicate creates different posts, appoints teachers, officials, staff, makes their service rule and job responsibilities, recommends the pay scale and tuition fees and other fees, etc. The Syndicate Chaired by the Vice Chancellor. The Syndicate consists of the following members:

Duties and Responsibilities of the Syndicate of CUST

  • The CUST syndicate is one of the executive bodies of the University and it generally supervises over the affairs and management of the University.
  • In order to obtain approval from the BoT, the Syndicate would discuss and make recommendation on the annual work-plan and annual budget prepared by Finance committee of the CUST.
  • With the due consideration of legal provision, the Syndicate would make its recommendations to the BoT for its approval on the formation of post/ position of the officials; proposal for employment; determining the roles and responsibility of the created post/ position, service rules, salary structure of these created position/ post; and fixing the tuition fees to be collected from the students.
  • The syndicate would approve the examinations and their results which are recommended by the Academic Council of the CUST.
  • The syndicate would endorse the certificates which are the outcomes of the examination undertaken by the students and the Syndicate would also be the forefront of the approved security-mark of the certificates.
  • In order to ensure that the proper discipline is in place at all levels of the CUST, the Syndicate would examine and would also communicate the final decision on the recommendations made by the Disciplinary Committee of CUST.
  • In order to erase sexual abuse, ‘Eve-teasing’ and to ensure gender prejudice-free atmosphere at all levels at CUST, the Syndicate would examine and provide final decision on the complains and recommendations made by the Disciplinary Committee of CUST.
  • The Syndicate would be an authority to consider and to provide decision on the recommendations made by the Academic Council if the BoT does not have any observation.
  • The Syndicate would ensure high protected record-keeping on various affairs such as Student Registration, Examinations, Accounts and other important documents.
  • The Syndicate would help in preparing statute and other legal documents and would seek their final approval for those documents from the BoT.
  • To Prepare the Annual Report and to submit it to the Chancellor, Government and UGC.

* The above indicated duties and responsibilities of the CUST Syndicate are determined following the Private University Act-2010. In case of any conflict arises with this version, the outlined duties in the Private University Act-2010 will stand. However, this forum may also undertake other responsibilities as identified in statute of the CUST or delegated by the BoT.

Members of the Syndicate

Prof. Dr. Md. Monjur Hossain

Vice Chancellor


Firoze A. Akhtar



Nominated by the Vice-chancellor

Prof. Dr. Safayet Hossain

Dean, School of Business and Industrial Development


Prof. Md. Mujibur Rahman

Dean, School of Computer Science & Information Technology


Nominated by the Government of Bangladesh

Md. Fasiullah

Director General (Additional Secretary), BANBEIS, Ministry of Education


Nominated by the Board of Trustees (BoT), CUST

Professor Dr. Mostofa Akbar

Chairman, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, BUET


Md. Morshed Alam

Former Additional Secretary, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh


Dr. ASM Habibur Rahman

Director, Operations, Rangs Pharmaceuticals


Nominated by the University Grant Commission (UGC)

Professor Dr. M. Kaykobad

Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, BUET


Md. Shamim Halder

Registrar (Acting)

Member Secretary