The Central University of Science & Technology (CUST) aspires to be an International standard Industry-Driven Technical University keeping in mind to form an Economical Vibrant Society to strengthen the National Economic Growth in consistent with the fundamental principles of the state by eradicating the unemployment problem from the society.


As a young Industry-Driven university, the mission of The Central University of Science & Technology is to achieve high quality learning experiences and to provide quality technical and professional education at an affordable cost that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence.  The Central University of Science & Technology (CUST):

  • Prepares competitive Job Ready Graduates and Develop Entrepreneurship as per the market demand;
  • Strengthen the Partnership of knowledge between Theory and Practice merging Academics and Industry Experts;
  • Introduces Industrial Linkage & Learning Centre (IILC) & Work Place Learning Centre (WPLC) to ensure the skills and ability of the students;
  • Implement teaching factory concepts;
  • Serves and engages a diversity of students, life-long learners, and communities;
  • Offers a welcoming and rewarding academic and work environment for students, faculty, and staff and
  • Fosters innovative learning, community engagement, and critical and independent thought.

Core Values of CUST

  • Students
    By sustaining a personalized approach to a global, student-centered education through small classes, close relationships with faculty and staff, and attention to student life.
  • Mutual Respect, Integrity & Honesty
    The members of our community are our defining resource. Our treatment of each other is principled, open, transparent and respectful.
  • Learning
    By developing educational programs that join theory and practice, provide an international perspective, encourage creativity and scholarship, and foster a lifelong desire to learn and actively serve communities and the world.
  • Freedom from Discrimination
    By creating an environment accessible to individuals of diverse cultures, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds and instilling in students a respect for diversity and an understanding of their own and others’ values.
  • Global Citizenship
    By educating a diverse population locally, nationally, and internationally, acting responsibly toward the environment to foster a sustainable future, and strengthening the communities we serve.