To strengthen the partnership of knowledge between theory and practice in order to improve the skill and competency to enrich the economy and humanity.


  1. Research and evidence based identification, chalking out and mapping of existing gaps between acquired ‘skills & knowledge’ and putting into action for the same.
  2. Engaging all stakeholders and beneficiaries to develop a participatory and accountable atmosphere that would promote dissemination of knowledge through a mutually benefitting teaching-learning entre.
  3. Introducing a discovery and innovative knowledge plantation method where the nature, science, modernization, globalization and digitalization will act as prime factors to nurture the cognitive thinking.

Core Value


  1. Birth of the nation and sacrifice of the martyrs.
  2. Own identity and root.
  3. Others to ensure respect for self.
  4. Own religion.
  5. Contribution of seniors.


  1. Dream Large to grow large.Drive the dream, don’t be dream-driven.
  2. Value the dream and emotion of common mass.
  3. Carry forward the dream of predecessors.


  1. Entrants must be ethically sound and possess demonstrative skill and knowledge.
  2. Promotion is to be based on achievement of KPI that projects performance and dedication.
  3. Students’ Assessment is to be based on academic achievement, skills, social responsibility, extracurricular activities and level of participation, certified by the relevant industry.

Mutual Benefit

  1. Assessment of achievement of KPI is to be participatory though with varied scales.
  2. Promotion of sharing knowledge and resource.
  3. Ensure thriftiness and instill it in routine life.


  1. Inculcation of a culture of innovation and originality.
  2. Ability to make constructive criticism and to appreciate others creativity and innovation.
  3. Believing that silence of night nurses creativity and innovation.

Academic Freedom

  1. Inherently follows the primary role of university that exchanges knowledge to advance the society for the cause of humanity.
  2. Rewarding for the activity that generates and disseminates knowledge beneficial to the national and global economy and humanity.
  3. Accepts diverse viewpoints, perspectives and discourse.
  4. Prohibits engagement in illegal or immoral activities under the guise of academic pursuit.
  5. Values the spirit of free enquiry that leads to promotion of intellectual growth and enlightenment.


  1. Appreciates humble reception of assigned tasks and efficient accomplishment of the same.
  2. Keeps abreast with developments in own field in order to enhance competencies to confront the ever-changing challenges.
  3. Earns recognition of the claimed competencies in subject-matter from the national and global bodies.
  4. Possesses the capability to assimilate any constructive criticism and make use of them to ensure increased performance.
  5. Constant adherence to professional ethics.
  6. Pays due credit recognition to other’s knowledge and contribution.
  7. Develops a feeling in cognitive domain that upholds institutional interests, justice, transparency and fairness by demolishing the craze for personal gain.

Accountability in 21st Century

  1. Encourages peer-ship and participatory team-building work culture where every member evaluates his/her counterpart more competent.
  2. Develops a culture where brain cells can spontaneously recognize the justice and action of work that benefits the university for both short term and long term goal.
  3. Takes pride in shouldering responsibility and own the commitments that are involved in the tasks and their implementation.
  4. Follows both formal and informal regulation and governance in the routine life that ensures maintenance of legislated compliances.
  5. Remains answerable to the superiors for own actions and for the colleagues whom he/she mentors.