Message From Dean

Welcome to the School of Business and Industrial Development (SBID) at Central University of Science & Technology (CUST). If you are a prospective student, you’ve come to the right place, because a degree in business is an exciting choice.


The list of opportunities for business students is never-ending. All the products and services people and companies purchase – from life-saving medical equipment, to solar panels, to electronics that connect us in a fast-paced world are produced by businesses. For-profits, non-profits, and governmental agencies all must regularly improve and innovate products, market services, and manage costs. Truly, any organization would benefit from having a business graduate with the skills and experiences we impart. We help students get ready to make a difference.

The School of Business and Industrial Development (SBID), with its friendly administrative and academic staff, will support your needs and enhance your learning experience in the vibrant city of Dhaka. Here our students are part of a strong community, that knows no barriers and appreciates diversity, equality, and integration.

Our departments, as well as our programs, are designed to engage students in an interactive way, through the use of innovative blended teaching and learning techniques, and through the use of both real life problem-based and research evidence-based approaches. What we offer here, at CUST SBID, is a lifelong learning attitude to form the future managers, global leaders and outstanding citizens of tomorrow.

We hope that your time as a student at the University is successful and enjoyable, and the best of luck to your studies.


School of Business and Industrial Development
Central University of Science & Technology