CUST Scholarship

Based on Previous Results

Scholarship of 25% Tuition Fee for students who have secured CGPA 3.50 or above on scale of 4.00 in Bachelor & GPA 4.5 or above on scale of 5.00 in HSC.

For continuation of tuition fee scholarship, graduate students have to take minimum 9 credits and also have to maintain CGPA 3.5 for availing such tuition fee waiver.

Scholarship Based on Performance

Scholarship based on the results (performance) of the Semester Final Examinations for Graduate Programs:

Graduate student will be eligible for Scholarship based on performance after Completion of a semester successfully.

Top 10% students will be eligible for scholarship from every semester

Criteria % of Scholarship on Tuition Fees
Sem. Ave. GPA  = 4.00 100%
Sem. Ave. GPA  ≥ 3.75 75%
Sem. Ave. GPA  ≥ 3.50 50%
Sem. Ave. GPA  ≥ 3.25 25%

* A student may avail one scholarship / waiver at a time which may suite best for him/her.

Vice Chancellors Most Talented Student Scholarship

The Vice Chancellors ‘Most Talented Student’ scholarship is the highest prestigious scholarship of CUST where the meritocracy would be the prime consideration. The number of recipients of this scholarship would depend on the students’ achievement in their academic pursuit. However, a good number of students from different disciplines would be entitled for such scholarship every year. This scholarship may be a cash grant; tuition fee waiver or campus visit of internationally reputed universities along with a colorful crest. The procedure to apply for this scholarship is available in CUST webpage

AWF Meritorious Scholarship

Advance Welfare Foundation (AWF) has been promoting higher education since 1998. This ‘not for profit’ foundation has been widely lauded by leaders of education management from home and abroad for its relentless efforts to offer affordable higher education. The CUST is the highest education platform of AWF and accordingly, it has kept provision for as good as 10 scholarships every year for the meritorious students of various disciplines representing the underprivileged population of the country. Such scholarship may be a cash grant, tuition fee waiver or grant for books or even hostel/ Dorm allowance. The procedure to apply for this scholarship is available in CUST webpage.

Other Scholarship

50% to 100% Scholarship of Tuition Fee is offered to students (with conditions) qualifying or participating in Programming Contest/International Mathematical/Physics/Informatics Olympiad.

50% to 100% Scholarship of Tuition Fee is offered for students who secure 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position in admission test result in each department.

Financial (Tuition Fee) Waivers

Tuition Fee Waiver may be offered by CUST on the following conditions

Sl. Criterion % of Tuition Fees Waiver
1. Children of Freedom Fighter (3% in a Semester) 100%
2. Tribal, specially abled 70%
3. CUST Regular (Permanent) Employee 70%
4. Children of CUST/ AWF Regular Employee 60%
5. Siblings / Spouse 60%
6. Employees from same Organization (Group) 60%
7. Female Student 60%
8. Students from Remote and Underdeveloped Areas. (It will cover 20% of total seats in a semester) 60 – 80%
9. Full-time Government employees including the personnel of Armed Forces and autonomous organizations getting admission to graduate programs 60%
10. Need Based (Parent’s income is not more than tk. 20,000)

Evidence required and it will cover 20% of total seat

60% – 100%
11. ISTT Graduates and Diploma Holders 70%
12. Players / Artists / Extraordinary 70%

* Subject to maintain minimum Semester GPA 3.00.
* Tuition fee waiver/Scholarship is not applicable for Thesis/Project/Internship.
* Backlog in any subject may subject to lead the discontinuity of Scholarship or aid in next semester.

General Criteria for Scholarship and Financial Waiver

  1. The students shall produce all necessary papers in original (certificates, mark sheets, academic transcripts, freedom fighter’s certificate, relevant relationship certificate, and certificates relating to the particular area of living) along with attested copies of all required papers.
  2. The student must register at least 9 credits in the current semester.
  3. The waiver given to a student shall continue in the subsequent semester on condition of earning the credits of the courses registered in the immediate past semester.
  4. Students having ‘F’ or ‘I’ or ‘Nil’ grade in any subject in the immediate past semester will not be eligible for continuation of waiver.
  5. Students having break of study in the immediate past semester will not be entitled to any waiver.
  6. Student having report of misconduct or disciplinary action shall not be entitled to any waiver.
  7. Unless the Vice Chancellor, in any individual case, directs otherwise, students having outstanding dues will not be entitled to get any financial waiver.
  8. A student having eligibility for more than one category of waiver will in all get 100% waiver on tuition fees.

Selection Process

  1. There shall be a scholarship/ waiver Awarding Committee Consisting of the following members for the award of waivers/ Scholarship:
    i. Vice-Chancellor, Convener
    ii. Treasurer
    iii. The deans of school concerned
    iv. Director/ Deputy Director (Finance and Accounts), Member Secretary
  2. Registrar office shall invite application for waiver specifying data in prescribed form and it will after scrutiny; forward all eligible applications within five working days from the last date of submission of application for waiver, to the waiver awarding committee;
  3. Registrar office shall send final list of students to whom waivers have been granted based on SSC & HSC results, showing % of waiver, to the waiver awarding committee;
  4. The waiver awarding committee shall determine the maximum number of waiver that may be granted in the particular semester;
  5. After approval of the Vice-Chancellor, a copy of the final list shall be sent to Accounts & Finance section, for reporting to the next Finance Committee meeting; for subsequent approval of BOT through Syndicate.
  6. The total process of awarding waivers shall have to complete within the first calendar month of each semester;
  7. Tuition Fees already paid by an eligible student will be adjusted against tuition fee of ensuing semesters or will be refunded at the time of final clearance, which one comes first.

Application Procedure

Students are required to fill up the prescribed application form which is available at the Information Desk of the University.

  • Students will have to pay Tk.1000/- (Taka One Thousand) only at the time of submission of the form.

Important Notes

  • Only one of the waivers will be awarded to a particular student.
  • All categories of tuition fee waiver will depend on the availability of fund.
  • The scholarship and financial waiver policy is subject to change at any time without prior notice.
  • Student having any backlog in a particular semester is not entitled to apply for waiver.
  • Scholarships and Financial waiver is awarded to a student for a particular semester and can apply for waiver if he or she maintains the minimum CGPA 3.00 in every cases.
  • Students have to apply for waiver just after publishing the semester final result.
  • To continue the Scholarship applicant must apply end of each semester after publishing the semester final result.
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted.