In a ranking list of new private university, CUST has been considered as the best private university in Bangladesh.

Private Universities in Bangladesh

Higher education in our country includes two categories of organizations: degree-awarding universities and college affiliated with the National University (NU). In 1971 there were only four universities in Bangladesh. These universities were universally autonomous. Currently, the number of public universities is 35. In the other hand, the number of private universities is 97 (as of April 2018). Among the 97 private universities, CUST is one of the best private university in Bangladesh.

Accessibility to higher education in Private Universities

Accessibility to higher education exposes that students get the opportunity to get a university education and enough support from educational organizations. Growing enrolment students at the secondary and higher secondary levels put pressure on higher educational organizations. But due to limited capacity, only a small number of students are getting the opportunity in public universities to achieve higher education. That’s why many students choose a private university to achieve higher education. Accessibility to higher education in private universities is too good as public universities. In private universities, students get access to higher education on different subjects. The private universities offer a wide range of subjects in Science, Commerce, Liberal Arts, Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Law, Education and Medicine.

Among the new private universities, CUST is one of the best private university in Bangladesh. CUST offers CSE, BBA, MBA etc. We create the best situation for learning. Our teachers teach very gently and professionally. Library, Laboratory,  Internet & Research Facilities are much better here than other private universities. Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Lectures, Exhibitions & Debates are often held in our institution and there is a wide opportunity for national and international exposure for promising young students.

Why students are getting admit in CUST

The students are getting admit in CUST because of some reason. These reasons are given below.

  • CUST seeks to provide education of the highest quality. That’s why all knowledge seekers are prepared to achieve their knowledge and skill as professional persons.
  • CUST does not teach students to do just good at the workplace. We build them as a real human that will be very helpful in their future lives.
  • CUST encourage every student to make clear arguments and critical thinking so that each student can identify and evaluate problems with their full skill. Students can also find out many effective solutions for their problems and finally recommend the best solution.
  • Our education system, classroom environment, curriculum, and additional activities will help each student communicate properly.
  • CUST teach students the core value of respect, democracy, mutual cooperation, creativity, academic independence, professionalism, and accountability.
  • AT CUST, A student is turned into a perfect companion, also has a mentality to work well in a group like a leader and a follower. So in future, CUST graduate student is expected to gain valuable experience and insights.
  • CUST teaches students to reduce the gap between theory and practice by combining industrial-driven skills. Because of this, the CUST students are able to establish themselves very easily at the end of their graduation.

Following the vision, “To strengthen the partnership of knowledge between theory and practice in order to improve the skill and competency to enrich the economy and humanity.” We have been considered as the best private university in Bangladesh.