Gazi Md. Abdus Salam

Gazi M A Salam, Founder, CUST

Gazi Md. Abdus Salam

Founder, Central University of Science & Technology

Thank you very much for your keen interest in the Central University of Science and Technology (CUST) where we would like to nurture and pursue excellence in education as we work to create positive change for a better world and smiling humanity.

As we look into the future, one thing is very much certain to us that knowledge and skills especially in the field of science and technology will be a key resource and will be highly sought-after within Bangladesh and beyond. Through CUST, our main challenge would be to help generate ideas, promote research and development, educate and train people to work in the industries/market that will largely benefit our society and nation. So, our primary focus would remain on imparting education on science and technology.

To meet these challenges, we need to build collaborative partnerships with industries, business conglomerates, government, universities and other research institutions. Such partnership, I believe, would help us to maintain relevance of our academic programmes in line with the practices in the field and the excellence of our teaching, learning and research endeavours.

At CUST, we love to recognize our students as key stakeholders. Accordingly, we would like to get their regular feedback especially about their university experiences so that we can bring desirable changes in our approach to teaching and learning processes just to better prepare them for their future.

Dear students, I would like to give a simple advice to you. If you study for learning sake, then you would pass in the examination and in the process you will certainly learn what you intended to learn. On the other hand, if you study for the sake of passing in the examination only – you may or may not succeed in the examination but for sure, you will not learn anything. I have full confidence in you because you belong to a generation, which would determine the fate of our beloved motherland for the years to come. You have the passion, spirit, enthusiasm, zeal and above all love for the nation and hence you, through education, can emerge as the real change maker and drive the nation in the right direction.

Finally, there is no shortcut to hard work and I am confident that CUST management, administration, faculty members, staff and students will add to our reputation in the future.

Allah Hafez.

Late Gazi Md. Abdus Salam
Founder, CUST
Central University of Science and Technology (CUST)