First Industry-Driven Private University

Central University of Science & Technology (CUST) is the country’s first technical Industry-Driven Private University in Bangladesh. Industry Driven means, our prime aim is to produce graduates for the industries. According to the current demand of industries, we are producing skilled and job ready graduates for the country and beyond.We are not committing you to provide jobs after your graduations but it is for sure that we shall make you skilled and job ready.

Measures to Minimize the GAP between Theory & Practice

There is a huge gap between theory and practice. We want to minimize the gap by merging academic teachers and professional experts. Academic teachers are those who never worked in industry, only uses to teach in classroom and professional experts are those who are working in industry with real life hands on experience. We are bringing them under the same umbrella.

New Horizon of Education

Traditional university offers so called internship in the last semester but we are a technical university and we will be attaching you with industry from the first semester of your enrolment at CUST. Now the question is how?

Through WPLC (Work place learning center) where our students will go to industry to learn what is going on in the real life. There industry experts will be teaching our students in their conference / seminar / workshop room. So, learning in industry by the experts is more effective than the learning in classroom in university campus. But don’t worry we have classroom teachers to teach you the theoretical knowledge which is equally important to understand the training in the industry.

Industry experts will also be coming to our university to give lectures.

[Who are industry experts: Experienced Executives, MD (Managing Director), CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CTO(Chief Technical Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer) CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), COO (Chief Operating Officer)]

Industrial Linkages & Learning Center (ILLC)

As a technical university we have a number of number of industrial linkages so, in last year the university will offer you internship where you have to work as an executive and your supervisor will be a professional expert in the same industry who will be working with you also. He will evaluate you and his evaluation hits your grade directly. For details, please see our ILLC and WPLC.