Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering (B.Sc in CSE)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering (B.Sc in CSE)


The aim of the Computer Science and Engineering program at CUST is to provide graduates with the durable knowledge necessary to become future leaders in the rapidly evolving discipline of Computer Science as well as in other computer-related fields. We aim to give each graduate a solid foundation in both Computer Science theory and programming practice, and to prepare each graduate for further advanced study in Computer Science and related fields.

Program Objectives

The objectives of this program are as follows:

  1. To expose each graduate to the challenges and research problems involved in creating new kinds of computer software.
  2. To give graduates the skills and commitment to lifelong learning necessary to prepare them to be effective employees or graduate students in computer-related fields.
  3. To prepare graduates to practice computer science in a broad range of industries.
  4. To prepare interested graduates to pursue graduate education or other professional degrees.
  5. To prepare graduates to contribute to their profession and society

Learning Outcomes

The learning objectives of this program are as follows:

  1. Imparting broad knowledge of computer science that serves as a foundation for on-going lifelong learning.
  2. Instilling creative and critical reasoning skills that allow solving technical problems, ethically and responsibly, in service to society
  3. Equipping with mathematical and scientific knowledge that help solve emerging real-world problems
    related to programming, networking, information security, image analysis, and advanced computing systems.
  4. Inculcating communication skills to bridge the divide between advanced technology and end users in the practice of computer science.

Potential Employment Market

A Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering from CUST would have the following fields of employment:

  1. Information Technology Specialists in Companies to provide system administration, networking, and hardware and software support.
  2. Programmers:
    a. Developing web portals and E-commerce applications connecting web interfaces to database systems.
    b. Conducting data analysis and scientific computing.
  3. Researchers: Conducting cutting edge research in medical imaging, cell biology, vascular biology, genomics, immunology and stem cell biology.
  4. Teaching: Public and Private high schools, colleges and universities need graduates of computer science engineering to prepare their students with the next set of skills to keep up with the technological demands in the workforce.
  5. Trainers for Application Support: Training on “Use of Computer Applications.
  6. Game Developers: Talented programmers are needed in the most challenging and rewarding game industry, with some positions requiring specialization in graphics, artificial intelligence, and networking, and others requiring highly skilled software engineering experience.

Information to the Employer

The “Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering” program at CUST has a well-defined and intensive curriculum. The teaching of students at CUST under this program is expected to position them as professionals with a generalist profile responsive, for their skills and solid training, the expectations of working life and not only at the time they first join the company or administration, but also in the future to integrate into a changing information technology environment. The very uniqueness of “Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering” program at CUST is its long industrial attachment for as high as 06 credits (equivalent to 3 courses) where students come to know the relevance of “what we teach” and “what is being practiced in the field”. Such attachment thus serves as an important feedback mechanism for CUST to bring out desirable changes in its course contents, if needed, in the years to come. Importantly, during the industrial attachment, for 09 credits, the competent resource personnel of the concerned industry would serve as guest faculties of CUST and the assessment for that will essentially be done by them. Besides, as an employer you will have the opportunity to know the potential of a student before they are actually employed in your firm. It may be mentioned here that at CUST all lecturers and staff are passionate about the future of their respective industries and the students whose minds they shape and groom. Here efforts are always on to maintain the integrity of our courses and graduates by continuously shaping and updating the syllabus around industry needs and trends.

Course Details

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